Life’s all about making mistakes and I’ve made them all before I tun the big 40 next year…..hey trust me just no regrets, after all everything in life is a learning process.

Mistakes as a child, mistakes as a teenager,mistakes as an adult….oh boy, every phase of my life has been mistakes.

I’ve been a child, you could call me a problematic one like most people who know me call me. Hey hey if I’ve had health issues (Mumps followed by Pancreatitis) and constantly troubled appa-amma thats not my fault but sliding down a  broken iron slide with my leg upside down and and cutting my nose through the iron slide…what do you call that …MISTAKE – The very mistake of not listening to your parents (Amma-appa told me not to do what I was doing….but I was always someone who would try new things).

MISTAKE 1 : Broken nose with 15 stitches all visible today

LESSON  1 :  Listen to whatever your elders have to say. They say it with a reason and with experience and to top all that for your well being.

My growing up years were not any easy….Despite being a good student in school and in college, life didn’t take off as expected. My decision making skills were pathetic….Inspite of being advised a zillion times as to what to do going forward (especially when you have no clue as to what you want out of your life and where your heading) I would still do what I wanted and would never listen.I never made an attempt to write my CA exams (The awesome student I was…..however completed my ARTICLESHIP).I just spent 3 years of my precious time learning nothing, the only goal was having fun with friends (movies, drives, shopping…food and zero studies). Thank God to the little good sense that prevailed I completed my Masters in Economics….

MISTAKE 2: Never took/followed Good Advise …

LESSON 2 : If you don’t do right things at the right age or follow good advise from family…..REPENT is the word but sadly that doesnt help!

Then came the biggest blunder of my life -MARRIAGE. (I’d rather not talk about it and let that be).

The one good decision I made was to move out and stay single till this day (Thank God for family they keep me going).TRUST ME I am so so happy single. Life is peaceful ….I’m a kinder, warmer, nicer and fun human today. I am extremely independent in every which way and thats only because of the SUCCESS of GURUKULAM, MY family and all my munchkins at the shloka school. All my mistakes seem rectified today. My mistakes have made me a better person…given me so many new lessons in life

Today I have a new life…a new goal and my circle of amazing compassionate friends…..GRATITUDE for everything God’s provided… I wouldn’t complain at all!

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