Is life all about Perception?

Many a times we always worry about how people perceive us…..What they think of us….what they talk about us…..But does that really really matter….In that case we ain’t living our lives for ourselves…..We feel happy if we are said good things and depressed if we are perceived in a different way…So basically our life is controlled by what people think of us…right?


Life ain’t about perception but living it the way you want and making yourself and people around you happy….HAPPINESS is what matters…..If you live your life by the way someone perceives it then you are just living for the outside world….

So what someone thinks of you does’nt really matter….They just know you from the outside….So its perception right??It can be good or bad perception….We all like GOOD perception…..lovely things said about us….or we viewed as good people! But all of us hate BAD perception…..In case we are viewed as a bad person…we seem to hate the person who feels like that about us…This is natural human tendency!

I can be viewed as a good person to one friend and be the bad person to another friend…..So does that what count in making us happpy…NOPE!

Live your life by doing good and more good…..and not by how people perceive you!

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