CURIOSITY….in the interest of the kid:)

I am very often asked the question via email, facebook or watsapp — what is that I teach in my Shloka class…

As I take kids between the age of 5-16 years, parents are very keen in knowing what the kids would learn in the class…..I’m sure its the right of the parent to get every information.

Thats why I thought it should be up on the blog so that parents would get an idea of what I teach…..
The kids in my class have loads of fun….there’s loads of laughter, talk never relevant to the subject..LOL,me getting furious if kids are not up to the mark…..a few classes where kids even cry ….!!

So what do I actually teach them….????
Shlokas of Lord Ganesha, Madhurastakam, Hanuman Chalisa, Shlokas relating to Planets, Sulabha Sundarakaandam and lots lots lots more (No I ain’t giving all information here)…We have a separate learner’s material provided to kids at the beginning of the session….. yeah and its prepared by me!

My classes are interesting is what I hear from kids and parents… me there’s just loads of learning for kids -Its not all hard….kids & I have our share of fun too:)

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