Hear them once and your heart will melt…

They are “SPECIAL” for a special reason – God’s own and my very pamperred specially challenged kids:)

I would be at fault if I don’t mention the kind of exemplary progress they make after attending a few months of shloka sessions.Yeah I do teach a bunch of such munchkins.They are adorable – You have to spend some time to know the kind of warmth these kids show towards you…

GIVE LOVE and YOU GET BACK LOVE in EQUAL or MORE MEASURE – I’m sure a lot of people who are reading this blog will agree with me, its not just with these kids but the case with just any of us…Right??

So what’s “SPECIAL” in Special Needs——–Everything for me about them is special:)

1).You just hug them….They hold on to you tight getting a feeling of being loved more:) After all I believe a HUG just Boomerangs!

2). Teach them anything with that extra effort and you will see in no time they are as smart as the others….They just need that EXTRA Helping Hand…I always believe that HELP is easily available and all of us need HELP in some way or the other at some point of time in our lives….These stars JUST NEED HELP at EVERY STAGE OF THEIR LIFE….Life gets a whole new meaning while dealing with these kids…..I kid nobody:)

3). They are like any of our other kids….Kids are constantly trying to  IMPRESS or MAKE THEIR TEACHERS HAPPY…..So are these kids.

Today a kid at the end of the class just asked me “AUNTY- You Happy”

I just hugged him with tears rolling down my eyes……

We need to constantly let them know that we are there to HELP them or Be with them irrespective of anything….Their CONFIDENCE levels take them to a different world altogether!

They hold a very IMPORTANT and SPECIAL PLACE in my heart!

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