GURUKULAM turns 5…(20/10/2018)


GURUKULAM turns 5 tomorrow….(20/10//2018)

I call it a milestone in my life….we have survived 4 years in the market, UNBELIEVABLE. Not something I really asked for or imagined….Maybe thats what happens when you transform YOUR PASSION into your PROFESSION…Everything eventually falls in place.Good times, crazy times and very turbulent days… but in all a very exciting journey. Super duper parents, amazing kids what else can I ask for….Blessed in every possible way!

Thank you God I have every reason to be grateful to you despite the troubling YEARS I’ve been through…

Thanks Appa-Amma and Sapnaa for allowing me to do what I want and providing me with everything – financially, emotionally and just everything. I am indeed a blessed child. The BIL – Raghavan has helped me in many ways toooo. Ahana how can I forget you my baby doll….you always make chitti feel like a superstar. Thanks <3 and see you all soon:).

I will have to mention the few other people who have helped me during this journey

Dr Ravi Shankar Rao…you have been a blessing who’s helped me in a lot of ways.I have to thank you big time. GRATITUDE

Vic DiCara….How can I forget my spiritual guru who has guided me throughout without getting even a little irritated with my crazy doubts and questioning….

In all THANK YOU everyone – each one of you have guided and helped me in many ways.GRATITUDE today and everyday!

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