Shlokapreneur – Heard that before?

I am sure there are expert shloka teachers and there are some amazing places where shlokas are taught…..But I take pride in saying I’m a Shlokapreneur(An Entrepreneur in the area of shlokas) to have come up with a concept like a Shloka School -GURUKULAM….

I’m sure you all agree and if you don’t here’s why you should agree:-

1). A Shloka School in Bangalore -to be more precise a MOBILE SHLOKA SCHOOL -thats GURUKULAM for you.

2).Shlokas have curative powers…just a few vedic chants or shlokas have miracles to offer -So I work with different sections of society -kids, elders, yoga studios, pre-schools, dance -schools and the specially challenged kids -Chanting sure has changes in the behavior and moods of kids -I see this on a daily basis…

I am yet to come across a Shlokapreneur (comeon when we have Entrepreneurs, Mompreneurs, Travelpreneurs….a Shlokapreneur should’nt suprise you all:)

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