Every Sign that I would be a hit with kids…..:)

The only kid in my family is my little adorable NIECE and she loves me totally…she is crazy about me and I am mad about her…..We are a HIT Together….:)

I have never worked with kids in the past …So when I started GURUKULAM I was all scared…had a whole lot of mixed emotions hitting me …..various questions coming to my mind (  lot negative and a very few positive ones)……So in all FEARS in plenty….but I had made up my mind that I am going ahead with this small PROJECT of mine…..

Read further—these are reasons why I am a hit wih the kuttys

1). An infectious and loving smile is all it takes to win a child’s heart…..And I have the broadest and super one:) Thats what I am told…..So I take the good compliments that come by and put them in my list of POSITIVES.

2).GIFTS…The kids in my class sure get gifts for the amazing work they do….They learn a difficult shloka and they are rewarded….Tell me how many of us do that….Its just to show that they are doing an awesome job and need to be rewarded ….Thats what keeps them going and super confident. (Oh please if you thought thats what gets them to classs…you are highly mistaken—-Its the interactive and fun class that brings them back…Oh,common BABY CHAKRA is not featuring me in their Company website for nothing…they like the work I do

3).That EXTRA MILE— I have all kinds of kids in my class, most of them just are amazing graspers but for the ones who are unable to catch up with the class….I make sure they don’t feel left out …..so make sure they are good enough to come back to the next class by putting in a few extra minutes and keep them going with the class…The kid sure goes home with a happy face!

4).WARMTH & LOVE —-come too easy to me. A hug and a peck on a kid’s face makes the child feel on top of the world…A star on his hand makes him/her feel like a STAR….Small genuine ways to show you care…and I really do care about my kids!When my kids are happy I am filled with joy…And the parents are really happy to see their kids learn in a healthy , joyous atmosphere….

Yeah Guys I am a DOUBLE HIT with kids…I just love being with them …around them!

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