What keeps you little ones come back to Shloka Class every week???

Kids are simple, innocent, plain hearted and just speak the TRUTH….

At the end of today’s class…I asked my kids “Why do you little ones want to come back to SHLOKA CLASS…Is it interesting”?????

In CHORUS came the reply….YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS:) with which they added the following…

If you pray to God …He gives you lots of money..says one

If you pray then God gives you all that you want….says another

Focus and concentration says the third….

You have brown hair and you dress stylishly…said one…thats what brings me to class (Had me in Splits)

And one said…You are kind and give us gifts thats why we come….

Don’t such classes seem fun…After all only kids can be so naive!

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