Traditional or Conservative ?

I’m neither…..Trust me!

Running a Shloka School does’nt make you conservative or traditional…or should I go a step further and say I don’t come from a traditional or conservative family either…True that!

I started off my shloka school just with the idea to keep children abreast of our basic shlokas and a little idea about our God….so coming and taking shlokas lessons does’nt make one traditional or conservative either….I am not here to preach RELIGION or SPIRITUALITY…no way thats just not me …there are great and greater people with abundant and immense knowledge doing that or who have probably done that (I will take ages to understand the subject myself) I’m just here to make shloka classes fun,informative, interactive, learner friendly and above all to keep our traditional roots intact!

Do not follow traditions blindly but follow good advise….Our elders have only good things to tell us…and there is a SUPREME POWER above all of us…..I call it the SUPER POWER—- there is nothing in this whole wild world that can move an inch without his blessing!

I’m personally of the belief that you do your small act of kindness, your best to the people who are in need, your best to help with medication, food, books, clothes or whatever small you can to the worst affected and EXPECT nothing in return…..Life is BLISSFUL….Mine is!

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