My observation in the last few months:-

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We can’t be a NO.1 Brand, An Award Winning Brand without a reason right?

When I teach 80 odd children I surely have reached a stage in life where I can understand or even analyse the amout a child can grasp/learn. But this regular competion of parents looking at videos of kids doing better than theirs is becoming a CHALLENGE for me as a facilitator.

GROUPISM is a strict no no at my place…because I believe in having a pleasant experience with the parent and child and vice-versa…

eg: There are situtaions when a kid of a younger age learns better than a kid of an older age ( I am of the belief that every child is crafted with a different talent and we as adults must recognise that and stop COMPARISON) and for God’s sake please stop instructing your facilitator as to what and how a teacher should teach (Opinions and Feedbacks are more than welcome but before that lets analyse the capacity/capability of our children…lets see how they are actually learning because its not just the job of the teacher to keep a track of the child’s progress)

Sadly THE BLAME GAME is the easiest one can do..Yes blame the teacher)!

I write this with a very heavy heart because GROUPISM is nasty and at our age MATURITY is important….

And Yes …I am very grateful to parents who check on their child’s progress before actually taking it up with me (I’d be wrong if I didn’t mention this:)

Thanks You!

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