Small Joys matter the most

I take pride in saying that my kids are all ROCKSTARS…

The other day I was just about to hit the sack, a child’s mum called me…just to say THANK YOU -she went on to add that it was her child’s b’day and they made a visit to the grand-parents place …The baby is just as little as 4 and on her b’day during her visit to her grand-parents place she said -hear me chant what Divyaa auntie taught me…..The grand-parents were overjoyed and began to ask when she started classes of this kind and were really happy…..

And on the day of Diwali a few parents sent me the videos of their kids chanting……Simply fantabulous I tell you!

I am glad kids like my class and more importantly are learning…I am of the belief that children should learn and parents definitely should get their money’s worth…

Thank You parents for believing in me and your efforts in making them learn is really helping

U go my little ones!!!!!!!

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