Painting and its Benefits

Painting and its Benefits

Kids love the world of colours-bright,fun and playful. From a young age, children naturally communicate through art.You would have probably caught them scribbling with crayons, markers, pens and whatever else they can get their hands on. Creating art isn’t just a fun, colourfulpastime. It has a variety of unique,positive effects on young children and teens that other activities don’t provide. The benefits of colouring and painting for kids go way beyond fun.In this modern world,there is a huge demand for innovation and creativity, out- of- the- box thoughts and extraordinary interpersonal and communication skills. Studies have also shown that the practice of creating art helps the overall development of children in all areas.

The many benefits of painting, are now being recognised not only in children but for people of all ages. Creating art or painting are similar to meditation or mindfulness that can be very powerful approach to support children’s physical and mental health.

Enhances problem solving Skills:

Painting or creating art enhances problem solving ability and critical thinking when viewing or creating art, you are enhancing the visual perception part of your brain, which is brain ability to make sense of what the eyes see: example, light and shadow, shapes, perspective and all the different colours within one subject. The grass isn’t just green when you really look at it, you notice the different shades of green, maybe some yellows, browns, and other colours that come together to create depth.

The composition, spatial relationship and colour combinations engages logic centres of the brain.Starting from a blank paper,finalizing the art, one gets numerous out of the box ideas that trigger enhanced brain functionality. These little ideas pay off in the long run.

An art lover will always quickly offer creative solutions to challenging situations.

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