Nothing in life comes easy….

When I was about 22-23 years old, my boss at the CA office always told me “Let me know if there is a short cut to success, I would love to know ” – considering the very casual attitude I had towards life.

Life has taught me a lot of things the hard way….And today I realise THERE is just NO SUBSTITUTE to HARDWORK. I’ve not gotten to where I have gotten today with ease(though life was a easy journey right through, till about a lil more than a decade ago).The last 15 years came crushing down on me…I have seen failures like they were the only constants in life…I still see them like they are the only ones to stay with me forever……But small milestones make me feel that there is a ray of hope somewhere….A silver lining somewhere…Something that would see me successful someday….

HOPE is definitely a very powerful word and HOPE is definitely what keeps me going not because I see these small milestones once in a while….but because I had the hope that someday I would CLICK..I would be a success, maybe NOT as SUCCESSFUL as the word seems BUT from the no. of times I’ve fallen down and picked myself up to see this day and everyday…..


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