Not one sign that I would run GURUKULAM – My Shloka School someday……

1).With my crazy dressing no one thought I would be a SHLOKA MAAMI some day (Maami in shorts —–come on you have trendy maamis today)

Hang in guys…Don’t just judge me by what I wear…ask my little ones what influence I have on them…but having said that I am a TRENDY Maami ….Look below:)

2). With a Masters in Economics I seriously thought I will land myself an average job…..

Economics & Accounting don’t seem like career options atleast for me (I hate the regular 9-5 jobs)…..Looks like I just did my courses for GRADES and a DEGREE…..:) No regrets at alll…Shloka School is the best thing that ever happened to me….

3).The fun I used to make about God……keep praying—no results and all that, has just made me realise that I can’t move an inch without his help…..See where I am in life teaching kids only things related to GOD…loving it totally!

4).Soaked in misery all the time : Sad, depressed, feeling of emptiness, hopelessness…not wanting to do anything in life is all that I was focusing on…wonder where my idea of a SHLOKA SCHOOL came from…..Trust me God shows everyone a path and he sure has shown me a great one….Life has opened up new doors for me…….

5). DIVORCE can shake you up making you feel worthless ——–But my shloka school has gotten me back on track….So what after 10 years but its better late than never!

Does that give you an idea that I was not somebody who would even make an attempt to start something on my own…..All I did was I picked myself up(With the help of so many many people -My awesome family, my amazing doctor, my super lawyer and some great friends) and pushed myself to do something totally different from the rest and here I am with my baby -GURUKULAM! It is indeed a long journey but a lot of people have believed in me and are helping me make this happen…..

Today I see every sign of GURUKULAM being a Success in years to come!

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