Today one daughter being a mom and the other daughter being a chitti of a 11 year old still makes us feel like little kids with you around amma.

Ma we can’t thank you and appa enough for all the amazing things you’ve given us sacrificing a whole lot for your own self just so that Chapee and I get the best….

Best education, a very loving and protective childhood, so much freedom while in college, sufficient pocket money just so that we could eat and have fun with friends,amazing shopping, super food (Provision of everything in plenty) and regular prayers to God to keep the girls safe, protected and guarded in every possible way and today you continue doing that for our little Ahana – your baby grandchild.

Thanks amma …today and always. Love you loads and here’s to a super Mother’s Day from Chapee and Diva… You mean the world to us (so does APPA)!!!!!!!!!

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