Life holds something totally different for me….

Life holds something totally different for all of us…..for me included…something totally unimaginable…..Where have I come…??

Having a Masters in Economics…..working in a Chartered Accountant Firm for a few years (that’s was something I totally hated -I mean Accounts) followed by working as a Branch Head in a Pre School(Working with kids can only be fun) and then a Branch Head in a SoftwareTesting Company (Been a good learning experience)…..Today I want to do none of the above…….Just work with kids and have a Shloka School of my own in the coming years…

I’m sure some people are having a good laugh thinking …Boy! where would she head with a SHLOKA what they are thinking? You never know guys…..I am heading probably in the rightest direction…LOL! (Check out my confidence – wondering if it seems like overconfidence…NOPE..its only the joy that working with kids give me)!

Shloka classes and a Shloka school is not something I had imagined of in the wildest of my dreams……We need to see how much of a reality it’s going to be!

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