2019 is almost over and I just can’t believe how fast its gone by….

A blessing in so many many many ways…

I’ve grown personally, emerged as a better person than I used to be, made some amazing spiritual progress – a lot of learning in this journey where I put a lot of thought into action.

GURUKULAM – continues to stand tall and proud of its growth .

Huge milestones for me as an individual. In 2019 GURUKULAM made its way up to the eSHE MAGAZINE, CNBC TV18, TV5 News – My first TV interview,NEW Indian Express and the wrap up of 2019 with an interview with The RITZ MAGAZINE.

Thank You everyone who’s helped me in this journey and continue to. GRATEFUL.

Grateful to God for a beautiful swank villa I got myself during this year…(I smile with pride as I type this) cause I really worked my way up from being noone to someone today. Hard Work has its rewards and I am proud I put in that effort to achieve what I wanted to during this year.I couldn’t have done this without family support …so again GRATEFUL to my awesome family and God.

With joys came a few hard times tooo….A bad health condition since April of this year which really took me a few months to bounce back (Yeah I lost my gall bladder and it was hard, not easy at alll) and just before I thought I was ok and ready to move, a troubled back caught me and I still continue to suffer…..If it just ended there I would have been so happy. Amma’s ill health took its toll on me and appa….She continues to slowly recover and hopes she bounces back to feeling good really soon. Hope 2020 looks up on the health front for us as a family. During these times, all the parents of kids at GURUKULAM were so so understanding of my situation and co-operated with me that I have to be GRATEFUL to them and only them. Grateful to you dear parents.

Hope 2020 brings in great health, joy and everything that we all desire.

Have a great 2020 everyone…..

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