Happy Milestone B’day Appa – It’s your 80th!!

Thank You Paaaa for all that you do for all of us till this day.



Amma, Sapi and I are beyond blessed people to be a part of your life:)

You make our life complete!!


Thank You for allowiing me to be “ME” right through and Blessed to have “EVERYTHING MY WAY” with you.

Having said that – that probably can happen ONLY with you and I am so so happy to be that way right under your shadow.

Sapi and I are truly blessed girls in every way to have YOU – The Super Dad, The Buddy and Our Best Friend in our lives – A life filled with love, warmth, kindness, affection and showering us with just everything and anything we ask …


Happy 80th Paaaa…Here’s wishing great health and happiness today and always!!!



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