Its a big big day for me tomm (20th Oct 2019)…

“GURUKULAM – my baby turns the BIG 6 and this SHLOKAPRENEUR is sure super happy “……..

Boy! What a journey its been…a completely crazy one.

A failure whose life transformed in every which way….I literally mean it. much of a progress in my personal life, my professional life, my emotional life, my spiritual life and just every single aspect of my life….LIFE HAS CHANGED POST GURUKULAM.

I am not even talking about the small milestones / the features in 40 odd places in 5 years/ the award nominations (won not even one, hahahha) …but here I talk just about my little kids at GURUKULAM -Their innocence, their kindness, their warmth, their love has changed my life from being a sad person to a totally happy person today. KIDS ARE MAGICAL and my kids at GURUKULAM are my little shining stars.

I wake up to them ….and end my day with them,50 crazy kids and a crazier teacher – A true passion transformed into a profession and happy doing what I love most – being with my little ones every single day. Can’t ask for a better life. Thank You my kids in so many many many ways for just everything <3

GURUKULAM made it to many places but the best part of 2019 has been GURUKULAM being featured in CNBC TV 18…GRATEFUL!

This journey would have been impossible without my amazing parents (I am a blessed child in so many ways) …I fell so badly, really badly but got picked up and they held me so tight that I am what I am because of my parents , Sister -Sapi, Ragav – My BIL and my little cuddly niece – Ahana (She has taught me how to smile in my most trying times)

There are many many friends in this journey whom I am thankful to and some people will always remain a blessing in my life – Vic DiCara (My spiritual Guru), Dr Ravi Shankar Rao Uncle ( My fav Doc)

I don’t know what is the future for GURUKULAM…But I am happy about the way its going and thankful to each and every child and parent of GURUKULAM who support me in this journey.

Thank You everyone and Happy 6th to my one and only!!

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