For me Independence was/is —– Decision Making Independence…I personally am of the belief that Freedom Begins at Home …

A Happy Me. Its taken a few decades post the bluders to get to where I am today..

Dad-Mom gave me and Sapi enough Freedom as kids and even during the growing up years Life was Good and Secure as we felt heard …rather our decisions were respected…

A lot of my decisions have been wrong in life – actually they were blunders but I am Truly Grateful for all the support that came by despite all the wrongs in my life ..

When I say wrongs, when I say mistakes –let me list out a few very big mistakes in my life at least as I look back today after say 20 long years.

Considering the good student I used to be — I was told by my well informed parents to make a right choice in subject while in Grade 10 and for the hasty decision maker I was – wrong decision made (My way or the highway but no one should tell me what to do kind of an attitude)…..

On the work front I would come back home telling mom-dad I don’t like to work- I don’t want to work, I don’t like this place – I don’t like the people —- For a simple reason, dad will support me ( Which he still does but a Career I was told and I know for a fact today is very very important for my overall well-being – emotional, financial, physical,mental…just everything right?) …..

On the personal front – I had a marriage that was arranged but I also got to court the man for a few months before marriage. At some point during courtship my parents did see me unhappy for strange reasons and My Dad stepped in and did tell me – Divs think over again…it’s ok if the engagement is over, if you think you are not happy for whatever reason….Rethink your Decision — For the Ms Blunder I am — no dad I don’t want to rethink and where did I land – Divorce!! FREEDOM is a good thing but many a times Misusing Freedom can turnout to be disastrous in ways totally unimaginable…


Freedom is Good and It’s Ok to listen to our Elders at Home because they have The Best Intentions for us and anything said is well thought about.

Freedom is Good if not Misused




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