#CORONAVIRUS has shook the entire world and has brought everything around us to a standstill. I had never imagined in the wildest of my dreams that I would ever see a day like this where NATURE is at its best – the silence around all of us, the birds chirping, not a soul on the road, no vehicle movement just nothing at all. This is truly NATURE telling all of us to not misuse all the good things given to us.

This morning I managed to get a picture of the apartment from the 6th floor and everything just seemed so calm and peaceful.

Why does CORONAVIRUS have to make us realize that we have to listen to the noise and fast-paced lives to actually see this side of NATURE??

Truly Tragical…

Having said that, I truly appreciate the fact that every single person around me made the effort to thank the medical fraternity and all the emergency services who are fighting just so hard to keep each and every citizen of this country safe (Yeah we all clapped, rang bells to thank all the emergency services at 5PM this evening #JANTACURFEW)

We are all in this together and I am sure we will get past this phase in no time.

GRATEFUL to God for protecting all of us today and always.

It’s not too late …Let’s treat Our Mother Nature and Animals with kindness because that’s what we will get in return FOR any damage done to them will directly or indirectly have consequences which we can not take going forward.

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