Do simple things yet differently

Wondering why my Shloka School/classes are different….?

Here’s why:
I just do things everybody else does —-just differently. A lot of shloka schools teach shlokas about Lord Ganesha, Shiva, Durga, Balaji and a lot more….I too teach similar kind of shlokas but not the regular Ganesha shloka which a 5-6 year old kid would learn…The shlokas are a lot more complex here….(Heard about 5-7 year old kids learning the Ganesha Dwadasa Naama Storam…..yeah kids do learn such shlokas in my school)..

I am personally of the belief that kids between the age of 3-8 years have the most powerful brains ever….Push them with all learning activity during this age….You sure would’nt imagine what they would learn….Just see…its simply spectacular! I am seeing in on a daily basis…

The other day I was doing a one-on-one class with a Mother-Baby duo  and towards the end of the class when the mom and I were trying to say a particular shloka, the kid who was playing in the class right through…started saying a few words from the shloka…..barely 3 years old is the baby! Caught by attention I just told the mother this is something spectacular to hear from a baby as young as 3 years:) Oh yeah the 3 year old is my youngest student and not to forget to mention a couple of 40 year olds are my students toooo….AFTER ALL AGE IS JUST A NUMBER!

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