Did I forget the The STAR SIBLINGS – My little Harshi and baby Koshu:)

Oooops…..almost 4 months done and going through my blog I just realised that I did’nt write about THE STAR SIBLINGS – Harshith and Koshika  -they just are not star siblings but star kids as well….Harshith-11 years and Koshika -6 years…..almost an expert with the Learners Material and no one till date can say the Madhurastakam like how Koshika says…(I say so cause Koshi is just 6 years old and makes an amazing attempt to learn what she’s taught….Keep up the great work darling….you will go places)…..And Harshith is a star in his own right…..he learns the shlokas even before the class is over…..Amazing memory boy…..You going to be a hit in whatever you do…..

Divyaa Didi loves you guys and waits for her Saturday afternoons to be spent with you both and mommy Rinku …I can’t thank you enough for connecting me with these two naughty kids!

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