I never ever thought in the wildest of my dreams that I would connect so so well with children….yeah I am taken aback when I see them jumping with joy wanting to come back to Shloka Class (did that even sound boring) practically on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday…I so enjoy working with all of them…they make me forget my worries…Depression seems all gone when I am with them…They make my world such a wonderful place to live in…I mean it…Hands Down, kids are awesome:)

Dealing with lil kids is no joke I tell you (Its all about their moods, restlessness beyond a point and their different distractions…trust me dealing with all this can seriously be a task, but having said that I love being with them)……

Sanjana, Shraddha, Brinda, Bumika, Pragya, Anusha, Suhani, Saanika, Mehr, Aadya, Aanya, Pari, Reanna, Srinesh, Srihari, Aditi, Manassswini, Yalini, Raksha, Yash and my latest two to the list -Harshith and Koshika …You all have no clue how much you all brighten up my life and I love you all totally:)

And lately, I have started one-on-one sessions…..I am looking forward to many more such sessions and group activities—Yeah with the kuttys!

Yeah …you guys know where it all started ….with my darling niece Ahana-my first student!

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